Polarity Therapy Bodywork DVD Set

Polarity Therapy Bodywork DVD Set


Do you want to introduce an energy modality into the health care system that you currently practice?

Energy medicine is the way forward and Polarity Therapy is the most comprehensive  energy health care system available today!

Have you ever taken a training and discovered that you have forgotten most of it a year later or have you ever sat listening to a lecture wishing that you could hear it again because you missed a part or didn’t fully understand?

With our extensive audio tape lectures (32 hours of content) and 7 instructional dvds you can review material as many times as you like. Our Audio lectures are crammed with insightful information and the clear, easy to follow dvd presentations of Polarity bodywork lead you step by step through over 70 tried and tested treatment protocols. In fact with this Set of DVDs you have A Training for Life!

Do you value having access to Master level tuition?

Of course you do, and that’s exactly what you will get with Masterworks. You will always be grateful that you decided to purchase our Polarity Therapy Bodywork DVD set and for the life skills that you will achieve when you order Today.

Available in European PAL and North American NTSC formats

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Polarity Therapy Practitioner Training Pack

Polarity Therapy Practitioner Training Pack


Polarity Therapy Study Materials

6 Polarity Therapy Books, 1 Course Manual, 1 Bodywork technique manual and 14 instructional DVDs plus a detailed study guide

This study pack is given out to our Open Learning Students but is available to anyone interested in learning about Polarity or refreshing their knowledge base. It is an easy option to upgrade to our Practitioner training at any time.

Pack consists of:

Polarity Therapy Volume 1 by Dr Randolph Stone Polarity Therapy Volume 2 by Dr Randolph Stone Health Building by Dr Randolph Stone Polarity Therapy—Healing with Life Energy by Alan Siegel Polarity Therapy - Energy, Structure, Function by Phil Young Quinta-Essentia by Morag Campbell Course Manual Theory Lectures audio DVD (28 hours of audio lectures) Working with Life Energy DVD Polarity Yoga DVD General Session DVD Bodywork DVDs 1 & 1A, 2, 3, 3A, 4, 5 Nutrition DVDs 1 & 2 Rapport DVD

Shipped insured airmail worldwide

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