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General Energy Balancing Session


This exceptionally clear online video and step by step written instructions shows how to stimulate the energy in the body for a instant sense of wellbeing. This stand alone session can also be incorporated into your massage or reflexology treatments bringing an extra energy dimension to your work. You will be amazed at how simple the techniques are yet how profound the results. Running time 36 minutes 

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Chakra Magic E-Course


Working with the energy centres of the body can bring about real change and increased vitality. As well information about the function of each of the major chakras, this e-course encorporates two practical, hands on methods of stimulating and balancing the chakra system. Ideal for bodyworkers and yoga practitioners. Includes 2 full length chakra sessions plus detailed audio theory. 40 minutes running time.

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$ 15.95 for both the above presentations

To view our online video of Polarity Therapy's General Session and to explore the Magic of the Chakras using Polarity Bodywork techniques you must REGISTER first. You will then be taken to a payment page.

Five Element Chi Kung e-course


Five Element Chi Kung (Qi-Gong)

Enhance your health and  add another dimension to your healing practice through this Five Element Chi Kung (QiGong) sequence. This course shows you how to energise and balance the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This detailed presentation includes a wealth of detail on the theory of the Five Elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The course includes streaming video demonstrations, kyotaku music and detailed powerpoint presentations to show you in detail how to improve your health - TODAY! 

If you enjoy this one then you should get our best selling  Tai Chi Ruler DVD to increase your vitality and the energy in your hands

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Want to learn more about Polarity Bodywork?

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PLUS  a FREE DVD covering polarity energy theory


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